Healing touch or the benefits of massage

Once you’ve massaged your body, you know what a relaxing, refreshing feeling it can be. After an exhausting day, a little pampering is really good. A pleasantly scented oil, a touch that is sometimes strong and sometimes soft enough – adapted to the state of the muscles. Not only is our body charged with new energy, but also our soul.

How can a refreshing massage help us?

- stimulates the immune system, the body’s natural defense system, by stimulating the lymphatic system

- relieves back pain and facilitates easier, more flexible movement

- helps athletes prepare and, in case of injury, supports recovery

- relaxes and stretches the used, tight muscles

- increases flexibility and mobility of the joints

- strengthens and tightens the skin structure

- improves blood circulation, so that oxygen can reach cells and organs more easily

- releases endorphin, which causes a feeling of happiness, so massage can have a very good effect on our mood and mood

- relieves depression and nervous tension

- reduces tension and cramps

- relieve migraine headaches

can help with neck pain, headaches, dizziness, stuttering

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